Fostering and Leveraging Meaningful Relationships for Growth with Pete Schramm

Today’s episode features a dynamic conversation with people-person, Pete Schramm.

We dive into the impact of bringing together a team of personal advisors, the shifts Pete made to pull himself out of burn out and grind, and exploring different definitions of ecstasy and what it takes to create more of it in business.

Pete is a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and bestselling author, who is passionate about connecting people and fostering sustainable and meaningful relationships in the workplace. 

He is the founder of Lattitude, an employee connection, mentorship, and survey software platform. In 2023, he joined the board of Statra to help bring the idea of KPIs and real time performance and accountability to companies of all sizes.

Key points: 

  1. Building a personal board of advisors and mentors (5:00)
  2. You’re never going to get everything you need from just one person (11:00)
  3. How Pete coming back to himself changed the course of his business (16:30)
  4. Making fact-based decisions to support your growth (24:00)
  5. The shifts Pete made to pull himself out of burn out and lessons learned from it (27:00)
  6. The importance of taking care of yourself in your calendar (34:30)
  7. Pete’s exploration of the definition and application of ecstasy in business (38:00)

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