Deepening Intimacy in Marriage with Adam Zaffuto

Out of all the transformations I have experienced, the one with the greatest impact has been making a quantum leap in intimacy with my husband, Adam Zaffuto.

In this episode, we pull back the curtain on how we deepened our connection, addressed the fears of outgrowing your partner, and what it looks like to communicate your desires while honoring your partner’s response.

Tune in for an unrehearsed, authentic conversation on replacing judgment with acceptance, security with happiness, and people-pleasing with true desires…

Plus Adam’s honest reaction to my first six-figure investment in my own development.

Key Points:

  1. What it was like for Adam when I made my first $100K investment in coaching  (4:45)
  2. Redefining safety and security to find more happiness (12:00)
  3. Thoughts regarding the fear of “outgrowing” your partner when you are evolving on a growth path (17:30)
  4. Adam’s perspective on how we increased our intimacy (26:00)
  5. A specific example of what made Adam feel more loved than ever before (28:00)
  6. The sentence I memorized to ask for what I wanted while removing criticism of Adam (31:00)
  7. Circling back to how to practically address growing at different speeds from your partner (40:00)
  8. Why “being the change” matters in your relationship (44:00)

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