A Case Study: Making a 6-Figure Quantum Leap with Mollie Lo

What does it take to make a more than 6-figure leap in your revenue in a seemingly “illogical” amount of time?

Join me and my incredible guest, Mollie Lo, as she shares her behind-the-scenes story of how she made a quantum leap in her business and self-confidence.

Mollie, a cherished former client of mine, transitioned out of a high-powered corporate career in HR into growing a highly successful career coaching business in under 2 years. Now an expert at LinkedIn marketing and high-ticket sales, she’s pivoted to helping other career coaches grow their own businesses.

Tune in for an inspiring story about grit, determination, and a willingness to get uncomfortable that created unbelievable new results.

Plus, Mollie shares the top 3 things she started doing differently, and the challenges she overcame, to make her leap forward.

Key Points:

  • Fun facts about Mollie (2:00)
  • What standing powerfully in what you really want looks like (8:00)
  • The role of cultural influence in finding your authentic self, including Mollie’s story of growing up in a Mung family (13:00)
  • The top 3 things Mollie implemented to quantum leap her revenue (24:00)
  • How and where to find your greatest growth opportunities (31:30)
  • What it took to transition from hating sales to loving sales (39:00)
  • The most challenging belief Mollie overcame and the greatest gift she received during our work together (46:30)
  • What Mollie is up to today (58:00)
  • If you know that you are ready for a breakthrough in business while igniting more joy, passion, and empowerment in your life…

Learn more and apply for my business-building mastermind community for women entrepreneurs, like Mollie Lo, called the Expansive Visionaries Collective.

Learn more here: https://alexpursglove.co/expansive-visionaries-collective

Connect with Mollie Lo:

Website: www.lotusmentoring.net
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lotusmentoring/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lotusmentoring
Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/a-tall-glass-of-sass/id1678637775

Connect with Alex:

Expansive Visionaries Collective: https://alexpursglove.co/expansive-visionaries-collective
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