Going Deeper with Antuan Magic Raimone: Behind the Scenes of Finding Your Boldness, Diligent Preparation, and Performing in Broadway’s Hamilton!

How do you establish the kind of trust in yourself that supports releasing fears of making mistakes, curates professional opportunities that light you up the most inside, fosters boldly owning your authentic self and receiving more love from others?

For this special “Going Deeper” episode of Igniting Ecstasy in Business, we are addressing all of the above as I welcome my guest…

An amazing speaker, artist, performer, and soldier of love – Antuan Magic Raimone.

Magic is the author of “Becoming Magic,” a TedX Lincoln Square Speaker, and with over 20 years of experience in Musical Theater, he was the first Universal Swing for Hamilton on Broadway.

Tune in to explore what it takes to create a career that lights you up and allows you to express your unique gifts, the role of diligence in creating your desired outcomes, the power of cultivating deep trust and setting boundaries, and for some fun, behind-the-scenes stories of performing on Broadway!

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Magic’s journey of finding a way to get paid to do what he loves (2:45)
  • Magic’s perspective on the role of destiny vs. hard work and diligent preparation to experience your desired outcomes (10:00)
  • What being a Broadway swing actually entails, and what this taught Magic about approaching a role that risks making many mistakes (12:30)
  • “There is relatability when people see your authenticity” (22:00)
  • How Magic learned to shine his light brightly and find ecstasy in being his authentic self, whether he was on or off-stage (25:30)
  • “Great lessons can come from people that offer you great pain” (35:00)
  • Practices to help you cultivate a deep knowing that you are there for yourself every day (38:30)
  • What makes it easier to receive love from other people (40:00)
  • The role of boundaries in your own healing and in seeing the truth of people’s respect for you (46:00)
  • A few fun questions about the behind-the-scenes of performing in Broadway’s Hamilton, courtesy of my nephews (58:00)

About Antuan Magic Raimone: Antuan Magic Raimone is author of “Becoming Magic,” a TEDx Lincoln Square Speaker, and childhood sexual abuse survivor. His company, Soldier of Love® works to educate and empower others towards successful career development, both onstage and off. With more than 20yrs of experience in Musical Theatre he was the first Male Universal Swing for Hamilton on Broadway and across the country. He was also the first Vacation Swing for In the Heights during its Off-Broadway and Broadway runs, has performed at Radio City Music Hall, The Grand Ole Opry, and was paid to dance in the window of a Marc Jacobs retail store dressed as a pig.

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