Release Superwoman Syndrome to Grow Your Capacity to Receive

When you release “Superwoman Syndrome” and the fears of delegating, unplugging, setting boundaries, and slowing down, you open the doors to receiving more support, solutions, creativity, and expansion.

I’m Alex Pursglove, a Master Coach for High-Achieving Women, and today, I’ll walk you through where “Superwoman Syndrome” shows up tangibly in business, why it matters to replace it with an increased capacity to receive, and the next steps you can take to shift more of this pattern in your life.  

You’ll hear my personal examples about how this syndrome plays out in my own business with evaluating team members, getting sucked into all the doing and not being present, and even in my personal life with how my husband and I manage finances.

Tune in to this episode to explore where you can be more supported and nourished on your journey of taking your vision to the next level!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What “Superwoman Syndrome” means and what’s underneath the surface of it (3:00)
  •  Why believing “if I can just get more done, then I’ll be more present with my family” never works (7:00)
  • What the cycle of abundance looks like (11:20)
  • Why being challenged to bring on even more team made a huge shift in my business (15:30)
  • “When you say yes to supporting yourself more, everyone benefits” (18:00)
  • Reflection questions to help you let go of what is slowing you down (20:00)
  • The Universal Law of Sacrifice and the role it plays in receiving (23:30)
  • “The whole point is to dance while the music is still playing” (28:30)
  • How I made a decision to let go of controlling the outcomes to embrace being a team with my husband (33:00)
  • Uncovering the opportunities to be more supported (38:00)

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