Where Business Meets Sensuality: Increase Pleasure in Your Body to Increase Abundance in Business

Connecting to your highest self and your creativity comes through getting out of your head and into your body. And when you increase your capacity to receive support and pleasure in your sensuality, you increase your capacity to receive more joy and abundance in business.

This is why we are excitedly diving into where business and sensuality intersect in this episode of Igniting Ecstasy in Business!

I welcome my amazing guest, Casey Hall – a Sensuality Coach with over 13 years of experience in the wellness space – to share the ins and outs of what healthy sensuality looks like in practice.

Tune in to deepen your understanding of the connection between sensuality and elevating with more ecstasy in your business, as well as what it looks like to establish more safety and empowerment in your body!

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Casey defines sensuality and what it means (3:15)
  • Casey’s backstory of recognizing that something was missing from all of her achievements and identifying the need for deepening understanding of her sensuality (6:20)
  • The difference between “capital T” and “lower case t” trauma and how it can impact your sensuality (14:00)
  • The importance of establishing safety in the body in order to feel more joy, pleasure, and ecstasy (17:15)
  • The connection between your body and highest self and what creates feeling more alive (22:00)
  • The path to creating more emotional safety in your body (28:00)
  • The relationship between business, personal relationships, and sensuality – including your capacity to receive (29:38)
  • Upcoming opportunities to explore your connection to business AND sensuality more deeply (38:24)

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About Casey Hall: Over the past 13 years, Casey Hall has been fine-tuning her passion for helping people improve their relationship with themselves. After coaching thousands of individuals in corporate wellness fields and becoming certified as a stress management facilitator, she recognized that forming a healthy relationship with your sensuality was the missing piece to holistic wellness. Thus, she left her corporate career to pursue another certification – this time in Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching. Today, Casey is a full-time Sensuality Coach with incredible wisdom in how to connect deeply to yourself and to pay attention to the signs your body gives you. She is dedicated to guiding others in understanding that having a healthy sensuality means knowing how to; regulate your nervous system, stay connected to your senses and your body’s messages, access pleasure in the little things, and love yourself through all your stages.

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