Understand Your Subconscious Blocks: from Chasing Achieving to Joyful Creating

In this episode of the Igniting Ecstasy in Business podcast, I share a personal story about learning to trust my intuition and follow my true desires. Join me in discussing the challenges of letting go of old programming and beliefs that can block us from bringing your business into greatest alignment with your highest self.

I’m Alex Pursglove, a Master Coach for Soulful and High-Achieving Women, and today, I’ll explain that the path to ease and joy in business is not solely determined by external circumstances, but by the ability to trust in one’s intuition and let true desires lead the way.

Tune in and listen to this episode of Igniting Ecstasy In Business. You’ll find a safe space to help you elevate to higher levels while experiencing more joy, excitement, and passion on the journey… rather than waiting for a future destination, dive into what it looks like to stand in your “good enoughness” right now.

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

Recognizing that fear, doubt, and worry make the path more challenging (2:00)

My personal journey of making a scary decision to trust my intuition over my ego and why this is challenging to do (3:00)

Understanding the role of the subconscious mind and limiting beliefs (8:00)

The common challenges and fears in entrepreneurs that block our true desires (14:00)

The role of valuing and trusting yourself in creating more of what you want (19:00)

The greatest myth our society perpetuates about creating happiness and worthiness (25:00)

My personal example of how following my intuition opened the doors to creating from my heart (35:00)

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