Embrace Joy and Passion in Life and Business

Once we surrender our ego, let go of fear and doubt, and align with our soul and higher power, we can experience the magic of living in ecstasy. The more we infuse ecstasy into our lives, the easier it becomes to reach more success and abundance, turn desires into a reality, and create an impactful life.

I’m Alex Pursglove, a Master Coach for Soulful and High-Achieving Women, and today, I’ll take you through my transformational journey to learning how to live with more ecstasy. You’ll hear about how unexpected and unpleasant news from a clinical exam turned my world upside down and forced me to see the holes in my game – in my personal life, in my career, and how I was living on autopilot.

Many years of coaching and studying personal growth later… while I’m a forever student and work in progress, I’m far from that person who was struggling in business, constantly being hard on herself, and living with the paralyzing fear of being wrong.

Tune in and listen to the first episode of Igniting Ecstasy In Business. You’ll find a safe space to help you elevate to higher levels while experiencing more joy, excitement, and passion on the journey… rather than waiting for a future destination to finally feel more fulfilled. Because the quality of your life matters right now.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The WHY of this podcast and why ecstasy (1:16)
  • After a scary diagnosis and getting up from a pool of tears, what is important in life became crystal clear for me (4:46)
  • The difference between intellectually knowing what to do and doing it (10:24)
  • My powerful discovery: finding out what was really holding me back (16:56)
  • What makes the journey less difficult and more enjoyable (17:48)
  • What we’ll be talking about in this podcast (23:08)
  • Reflection questions to consider for yourself (24:32)

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